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Rising Dawn Sexy Spoiler

SpoilersPosted by Ellena Jennings Sun, July 14, 2013 14:29:49
For those that wonder what makes my novels erotica it is due to scenes like this. Please be aware that what follows is extremely sexually explicit, so if you will think it will offend don't look. In fact go and make yourself a cup of tea and curl up with a little Jane Austen. This is one of my all time favourite scenes from Rising Dawn and I hope you enjoy smiley

“I’m Ok baby…” he said panting into my ear, obviously feeling taken a back from my public show of affection. I wanted to say something heartfelt and romantic at this point but all that left my throat was a low growl, I think Reuban has rubbed off on you way too much girl. I grabbed his hand leading him away while everyone stared at me, even Maria was dumb founded,

“Wow, where we going?” Reuban growled. I knew he didn’t like to be dominated, I just couldn’t stop myself,

“WE EITHER GET HOME NOW OR I FUCK YOU IN FRONT OF EVERYONE!” my voice sounded weird and I really didn’t feel in control of my body, what the fuck? I was positive I heard Reuban’s wolf howl at the promise.

The ride back had been agonizing to the point I thought I would have to rip my clothes off to cool myself down. I was hot, horny and wet and it was getting worse. All Reuban could do was smirk and sniff, so he knew exactly how bad I felt with need and if he smelt me once more I was going to rip his face off. I punched the dash board as a wave of heat pulsed through my body and I flicked down the mirror. My face was flushed and my eyes were glowing but the pain was starting to get intense. Reuban was starting to worry and I couldn’t help but smile mockingly at him, will you fucking hurry up!!! When we finally got back to the facility I grabbed Reuban and dragged him into the elevator, listening to him growl in warning, did he not know that his growl made me wet – SERIOUSLY! As soon as the doors closed I pushed him against the wall and kissed him again. His tongue matched the force of mine, obviously expecting my attack this time. He ran his fingers down my back until he reached my ass and then he lifted me, my legs wrapping around his waist. I could feel his wolf beginning to take interest and he soon had my back pressed against the other side of the elevator which had started to rock in protest to our forceful movements. I could feel his erection trying to rub against my pussy through the leather making me hotter,

“TOO MANY CLOTHES…” I stated breaking contact with Reuban long enough to steady my feet on the floor,

“Baby…” he rumbled launching himself at me, crashing me against the wall again, this elevator is about to crash if you carry on! He peeled me out of my jacket and I ripped his t-shirt open from the top in one quick stroke. I couldn’t stop my hands running over his chest, it was so smooth and muscled I could feel every groove, every twitch my fingers caused and his sweet luscious nipples ready to be sucked. My mouth had already beaten my brain and I suckled his nipple, running my tongue around one and then nipping it,

“I don’t know how much longer I can hold the wolf back...” Reuban growled,

“DON’T!” I wanted him to be rough and wild but my body needed him to lose control. The elevator doors opened and we stumbled out. Reuban made quick work out of my shirt and bra letting them pile on the floor. My lips were swollen from our wild kisses and I grinned as I whipped Reuban’s belt from his waist. He was hard, his erection strained against his zipper, well we couldn’t have that could we? I opened the top button of his fly and then pulled watching as the zip popped at the force. My hand delved into his underwear feeling the hard shaft of his cock,

“You’re fucking killing me!” Reuban panted. In response to my zip breaking antics he smoothed his palms under my trousers and cupped my bare ass pulling me closer to him. I groaned when I felt his nails dig into my cheeks and my body arched into his chest.

We bounded down the corridor bashing against the walls as we went, leaving our clothes in torn scraps on the floor. If I didn’t get to my room soon I would be fucking Reuban up the wall. My back found my door and I gripped the handle realising it was locked, fuck it. I kicked backwards watching the door swing open and smiled that I had finally made it where I wanted. I had been left standing in my panties, the rest of my clothes had already been ripped, bitten and tossed down the corridor and Reuban was just as gloriously naked, his tight black boxer briefs stretched across his thighs and even more so across his cock – I had to bite my bottom lip. I slipped myself out of my panties and jumped onto the bed. I was panting to such a degree I thought I was about to hyperventilate. Reuban watched, pulling his cock out, stroked it and then kicked away his boxers. I crawled onto my hands and knees and looked over my shoulder. Reuban’s eyes were fierce, all the time we had made love I had never submitted in this manner, always given as good as I got but I needed this. He didn’t move, rubbing the end of his cock with his thumb, watching me and growling. If I hadn’t felt rampant before I saw him I was now on fire, the sight of him rubbing his cock made my juices flow and my breath catch in my throat.

“FUCK ME!” I shocked myself at my demand but my clit pulsed in excitement. My heart began racing as he moved towards me and my eyes closed when I felt his weight on the bed. I expected him to be harsh with me but his hand was soft as he ran them down my spine and then down my thighs. The anticipation was killing me and the fire was building in my core. He moved his hands to my ass giving my cheeks a slight smack, oh God I couldn’t take much more! He moved closer, pushing my legs further apart and then I felt his cock rubbing against my folds, then against my clit, my hands grasped the headboard and I moaned at the contact of his cock on my clit, rubbing my wetness against him,

“Your so wet baby, I’m gonna fuck you till you scream!” I backed into him trying to angle his cock into me.

“PLEASE REUBAN” I was about to beg when he thrusted inside me. I gasped at the invasion, my muscles making way for the intrusion and it felt good. He held onto my hips slowly pulling out and then slamming back into me,

“OH GOD YES…HARDER…” I yelled. He started to pound inside me, harder and faster, my muscles began to tense around his cock,

“Let go baby…come for me…” he growled. I could feel my orgasm building, higher and higher, why wasn’t I coming? I matched Reuban’s speed, pushing myself into him when I felt his arms pulling me into a sitting position, leaning my back into his chest. His hands cupped my breasts and twisted my nipples with his fingers. My clit was pulsing hard and I was so wet but I couldn’t find my release, no matter how hard I tried.

“Come on baby…you’re so tight and wet…” I wanted to, really wanted to but my body was holding back. I lowered my hand to my clit and rubbed, circling it with my fingers feeling the blood flow into it, panting and moaning, as he thrust deeper inside me impaling me,

“I have to mark you…can’t…hold…back…mine…” I felt Reuban kiss my shoulder and then I felt his teeth lock on, lapping at my blood. My fangs pulled from my gums and I bit into the back of his neck, not for the blood but to mark him, to make him….mine! He thrust inside me when I felt him again, every inch and vein of his hard cock. My pussy locked onto his cock and I could feel myself vibrating around his end. Reuban was moaning into my shoulder and the rumble echoed through my skin. I pulled my fangs from his neck as my orgasm hit me screaming as my muscles milked him, feeling his seed washing inside me over and over.

My new novel Darkest Dawn is out on 31st August...with more scenes like this smiley

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