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N.L. Echeverria

SpotlightPosted by Ellena Jennings Fri, August 23, 2013 13:20:50
My spotlight today is shining brightly on the awesome YA Paranomal/Fantasy author N.L. Echeverria...

My name is Natasha Echeverria and I was born in raised out of Hillsboro, Oregon. I’m 29 years old, married to a wonderful man, Arturo Echeverria, and we have three beautiful boys, Sebastian age 8, Preston age 7 and Arty age 4. Reading is my “me” time. I can’t get enough of it. You will find me in a Barnes and Noble walking up and down isles for hours, looking through all the incredible books. On Sunday’s you will find me curled up on my couch with a coffee in hand, listening to my boys play while I’m writing, reading or just relaxing with my husband. I work full time as an insurance underwriter but of course my ideal job is to be an author full time. My husband and children drive me to keep writing and not give up no matter how hard it gets. I’m blessed to have so many amazing people in my life and would not change it for anything.

Let's get this interview started shall we before something paranormal happens...

Do you write as yourself or under a pseudonym? Why?

I write as myself however I do use my initials NL Echeverria. I use my initials because I feel that between my first and last name it is really long and probably hard to remember. However I want people to know me as me.

What made you want to be a published author?

Writing is something I love to do, I want to write for the rest of my life and be able to of course make it my career, which is probably every author’s goal. Being published helps be get one step closer to that goal. I love sharing my work and reading what people think of it, the good and the bad. It’s an incredible feeling to have someone you don’t know read your work and tell you how much they loved and then ask for more.

What genre do you write in and why?

Both my novels that are published are YA Paranormal/Fantasy. However I’m currently working on an adult novel. I hope to be able to write in as many genres as my mind can create a story in. I believe it’s fun and challenging, but my favorite genre is the YA Paranormal/Fantasy and I will continue to release novel in this genre. I love being able to create a world that is all mine and have no limitations on what I can do with it.

If you could talk to your 12 year old self, what advice would you give?

“You are an incredible young girl and can do anything you set your mind to.” I would say this because all young children need encouragement. They need to know they can do anything their heart desires and there are no limitations as long as they don’t give up. My 8 year old has written and published his first children’s novel and all I give him is support and constant encouragement.

Have any other authors influenced your writing through theirs?

Not any author in particular. All authors and books I read encourage me to write but don’t influence my writing. I will read anything I can get my hands on and don’t necessarily have a favorite author.

If you are a self-published author what made you take this route and what was your experience (good or bad)?

I love being a self-published author. I have all control and it’s been a great way for me to start out and get my writing out to the public. Yes, I would be ecstatic for a major publishing company to pick me up and I feel that by putting my writing out there gets me closer to that happening. I had my first book done and I didn’t want to sit on it while I waited and hoped that an agency would accept me. I just wanted to get it out there to share with all the readers!

How would you rate your writing?

I would be bias if I rated my own work because I believe it’s fantastic! However I feel and know that the more I write the better it is. My writing has improved over the years and will continue to improve.

How do you react to poor reviews of your book?

Of course I’m hurt at first but not everyone is going to like my writing. Haven’t gotten any nasty reviews yet but I’m sure they will come. I’m proud of what I have written and love my series and am glad that there are people out there that enjoy reading it.

What influences your choice of book covers?

The story and characters themselves. Both my published books have characters from the story on them.

How do you balance your writing with your real world responsibilities?

It’s hard since I work full time, have three children ages 8, 7 and 4, and sports and regular life events. However I write every free moment I get. Sitting at the park with my children, I bring my laptop. At night when everyone is sleeping I write or I read. Breaks and lunches at work, you will find me in our little library area writing away. I love writing too much to not find time.

Do your characters drive the plots of your stories or do you plan out your plot?

When I write I have a good idea of the plot. I may not know where it will end but I definitely know most of the events in the story and then the characters drive the story from there and take me to an ending. It’s exciting because even when I’m writing a novel, you will hear me say “I’m excited to find out what will happen next.” My writing takes on its own world and I’m just along for the ride.

Do you ever write what you dream? Give an example.

I have not yet. However most of my ideas come from daydreaming. I have a scene that is an intense emotions scene between two characters in my adult novel and it was all plotted out during a moment of daydreaming and then I scrambled to write it down.

Do you market yourself or pay a professional?

I market myself. Also, all the help from the Facebook Admins and Bloggers has been huge when it comes to the marketing of my novels. I couldn’t do it without them.

What are your tips for editing?

Get several people to review your book. I went through a professional editor and paid out a lot of money on my first novel and ended up with many mistakes. I still had several people review it. My novels are not perfect and I know this. Now, instead of paying out to have my novel edited, I have several individuals read through it and do their own editing. The people I have review it are ones with degrees and backgrounds in writing and are close friends that are brutally honest. I think you are either a writer or an editor. I know I am not an editor because I am the worst speller but I love writing a story and could write forever.

What inspired you to write your current WIP or current published work?

Almost three years ago, I was standing in a Barnes and Noble looking at the shelves and shelves of YA novels, trying to find one that interested me. I couldn’t find one that I felt I needed to have. I was with my sister when she said “why don’t you write a book?” We laughed about it, but several weeks later I got an idea for my first novel Fallen Desire and started writing. A year and a half later it was finished. Then I spent another year editing and trying to figure out how to publish it. I then discovered self-publishing and finally got it released April of 2013.

Do you prefer to write stand-alone novels or a series? Why?

Series, because I feel like you can’t get enough when it’s just one book. Especially when it’s a YA Paranormal. There is so much you can do with it and so many directions you can go and characters you can bring into the story that one book is not enough. However, the adult novel I’m writing will be one novel. I do feel that in adult novels one book can be enough.

If you could change one thing in the publishing process what would it be?

In the self-publishing process nothing. It was a little difficult to figure out at first but didn’t take me long to catch on. It’s simple and I have all control of it.

What advice would you give to a new author?

Write, write and write. Write down every idea you have because it could lead into something big one day. Carry a journal or your laptop with you even if you know you won’t get time to write anything. Also, do it because you love it, not because you want to be famous or rich. Write because it makes you feel good and you want to share your stories with others. Know that not everyone will like your work but at the same time consider others opinions when you are writing because if you do want to publish your work you want to make sure it is something that people who enjoy that genre will also enjoy your novel.

Share a favourite quote from your book.

From my first book Fallen Desire (This is on the back cover) “The moment I met him my work changed, I don’t know those around me, I no longer know myself, but what I do know is that only I can save him.”

I did exactly the same...I could never get into reading and it was only when I realised it was because nothing appealed to me that I sat down and started writing. Now I've found all these fabulous Indie Authors my TBR pile has grown and I can't keep up with my one click let's have a looksy at her book...

Fallen Desire (Book One) Blurb:

“The moment I met him my world changed, I don’t know those around me, I no longer know myself, but what I do know is that only I can save him.”

Lindsay, a teen girl from New York City, has recently moved to a small town outside Portland, Oregon. She meets Kim and Derrick who quickly become her best friends, but when she meets Ethan, who is extraordinarily mysterious and gorgeous, her whole world changes.

Avarie, a witch and an old friend of Ethan’s, helps Lindsay discover her powers and releases her ability to see the auras of those around her. Struggling to learn her new abilities and fighting her desire for both Ethan and Derrick, Lindsay will learn the truth behind both of them as they are fallen angels and she is the soul of the redeemer created to save those fallen who have been consumed by evil only if they are worthy of redemption.

New Beginning (Book Two) Blurb:

"For he is my demon, and I am his redeemer"

“New Beginning” is filled with newfound enemies, friendships and loves.

With a renewed outlook on who she is, Lindsay's desperation to save Ethan intensifies as he grows weaker by the day. Saving him becomes her sole mission and she will face anyone who stands in her way. Now with Derrick as her Guardian Angel, Lindsay and her friends seek out answers through the book of "The Redeemer".

When Lindsay's faced by Laurence, a demon who wants her dead, the true power of her abilities are tested. She soon finds many who are loyal to her, including Yolanda, the head of the Fallen Council and lover to Laurence. Lindsay quickly discovers that her urge to seek demons and save them becomes a part of her and something she can’t deny.

A longtime friendship between Derrick and Kim blooms into something much deeper as Kim has waited for this moment for so long. Discover if Derrick’s never-ending love for Lindsay will stand in their way.

Secrets lie behind the unexpected as a love causes betrayal. Follow Lindsay as she finds new friendships and becomes the leader she never thought she would be. When she’s faced with the true evil of a demon her determination to save Ethan guides her.

Everyone these are awesome books and you can buy them here:


And you can stalk her here:

Twitter: @nlecheverria

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